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We’re a small, fast-paced marketing management agency based in Cheltenham, and we want to understand your business to help increase business opportunity.

With all the skills needed to help run your online and offline presence, we will manage everything.  From the website and content changes to the SEO, PPC and social media campaigns, we're here for you.
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Marketing Management for your business

In order to help you grow your business, we can manage the following areas...
Marketing Consulting
Marketing, whether online, or traditional can be a tough nut to crack. We here at MeanDigital can help create and implement marketing strategies for your business. We have experience in multiple industries and after an initial meeting and get-to-know you meeting we feel we'll be able to help you push your business forward.
Search Engine Optimisation
SEO is the art of getting your website as high as possible on a search engine results pages. It is not a perfect science, companies like Google like to keep it that way, but with a strong strategy there are ways of improving positions. Let us work with you on a strategy you can take away, or we can implement together to bring your site up the rankings to where people can see them.
Pay Per Click Advertising
PPC is not easy and often expensive. With the right strategy, targeting the right keywords in customer searches can bring a very lucrative return on investment. When working in conjunction with SEO, the PPC adverts can help organic listings too. The right PPC strategy can target very specific searches and bring rewards. Let us help steer or manage your campaign.
Social Media Engagement
Working with you, we can help create a social media strategy. This can be as simple as designing simple posts, to full blown cross-platform boosted posts. We've worked with large global retail businesses and small local businesses. We can tailor work to you.
User Experience Strategy
User experience (UX) is all about understanding how a customer interacts with your site. We can work with you to train in-house UX experts and create ways of monitoring customers on your website to give better insight, it is often not how you expected. We can also do a full user experience review from our experience and knowledge of how customers can think and act.
Website Creation and hosting
If you need a quick website, domain, email and hosting we can help. With quick builds for basic sites and different levels of support ranging from build and handover, to fully serviced, hosted and supported we can help you create the site you need.
Email Campaigns
With the correct email campaign your business can interact with a customer in a way that brings them back to you multiple times. The best campaigns relate to customers feelings and interests rather than purely trying to sell something to them. Let us work with you on an ongoing email strategy that could really help drive engagement and sales.
From business cards, to logos, PDF print-outs to construction site advertising boards and leaflets. We can help you find the right fit for your business.
AB Testing Strategy
AB testing is the process of showing a group of customers different variations of the same page at the same time and measuring the effect it has on the pages conversion or other goal. With the right strategy you can increase conversion by making little changes to your website. We can review your site and give recommendations along with the UX review as to what should be changed or tested.

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